We would like to thank all those who have given their time, effort or financial support to the Izizwe Projects…we can not do this work without you.

We would especially like to thank:

Jan Tinbergen College

This high school from Roosendaal, the Netherlands has supported Izizwe on an ongoing basis over the last years with financial contributions to our sports and dance programs and donations to the creches, schools and holiday program. We are most grateful for their believe in us and especially like to thank Marcel van Wezel to make this happen!

Damelin College

The private college situated on 10th Avenue in Walmer, Port Elizabeth has showed their ongoing support by organizing fundraising events, creating awareness amongst their students and providing free courses.

Stichting Annelies

Started by ex-volunteers Bauke and Anja from the Netherlands we are very fortunate to have their ongoing financial support. They have contributed in a variety of ways, both financially as well as with donations of sports material, sweaters, beanies and much more.

Blue Ribbon Bakery

Holiday programs with 200+ children need lots of bread and Blue Ribbon Bakery on Heugh Road, Port Elizabeth kindly commits to donating free bread. Thank you so much!

Khaya Volunteer Projects

As our preferred local partner Khaya looks after all practical support for airport pick ups, accommodation, transport and meals for volunteers. They continuously support financially and help us wherever we need it. Check out other projects of Khaya on their website www.khayavolunteer.com